by user ChristianJames

 I just posted lots of photos from Barack Obama's Cleveland Rally last night!!!

Click here for the full gallery

File:IMG 8223.jpg

After fighting through stand-still traffic for almost an hour we almost turned around after a policeman informed us that even though we had tickets the fire chief would not allow any more people in the auditorium because it was already over capacity.  Thousands were directed to simulcast big screen broadcasts around campus, but we decided to chance it, parked at a local restaurant and walked to the main building.  Doors were in fact blocked off but we found a perfect second floor spot beneath the staircase to watch the event from behind the glass.  The event got off to a slow start w the president of CCC, some musicians, an exemplary students program sponsored by Baldwin Wallace college, a radio host, a poet, a drum core, and a marching band all trying to get the crowd going w chants and cheers.  But the energy just wasn't there until Barack took that first step out onto the stage...

hope ya enjoy, Chris

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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