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[1] [2] [3] The G-8 Countries apparently don't think the Kyoto Protocol was harsh enough. This draconian policy to reduce "green hose" gases is due to expire in 2008. The United States refused to sign the agreement because it exempted China and India. Two of the large producers of carbon emissions, and it would seriously impact our way of life. This blogger believes the whole thing is an Alice In Wonderland story cooked up by those who want to destroy free enterprise and in particular Americas way of life. Not satisfied with the reductions of the "Kyoto". The G-8 nations who will meet in Heilgendamm in June this year. At Baltic resort on the north coast of Germany.Will proposed even more severe reductions. These pompous self appointed "caretakers" of the environment have proposed a 50% reduction in "green house" gases by 2050! The joke of the whole proposal. Or should I say travesty, is that China and India are still exempt! China, as the charts above show, will surpass the United States in CO2 emissions in a few years and is still exempt because they are called a poor country. According to an article written in The San Francisco Chronicle by Robert Collier. "While the world works to reduce "green house" gases, China threatens to wipe out all the good the rest of the World believes they are doing. The United States consumption of fossil fuels rose only 1.2% in 2006, but China's consumption rose 9.3%. To put this in perspective the Chinese used 97% as much fossil fuel as the U.S., and by 2008 will overtake the U.S. Calling China a "poor" country is like calling a diamond a piece of coal! China has over 1.1 trillion dollars in their Central Bank in foreign exchange reserves.It is wealthy in the government, military and especially in Nuclear capacity. China has plans to build 40 nuclear plants over the next 40 years, and is producing way too many products that we sell here at home in polluting plants like the one in the picture. The people are poor as were the people in East Germany and Russia when dictators ran their lives. China has lots of money, but little flows down to the people, and never will as long as the Communists control the Country.


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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