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Despite having liberal views, I try not to automaticly identify with any ideology without first testing the logic. I'd like to control what I think instead of be controlled by what I think. Even though I disagree with much from the conservatives from back in the day, I have high regards because it was usually easy to understand their position. Fans of Dan Akroyd from the original SNL I'm sure relish his Bob Dole debate parodies and trade mark confrontation of opponents, including those of his own political party, "You're not telling the truth and you know it I know it the American people know it..." At this point even Akroyd would start to crack up with laughter. Where are the Bob Doles of today? Candidates want to compare themselves to Reagan but the acting is about the only common trait. The candidates of today(Democrats included)have not been able to directly confront the Bush Administration on any major matter. Enablers abound. The internet seems to be replacing the job of the media and were it not for the net we would not know as much as we do about the truth of matters. Instead of 50% of Americans still believing Saddam was behind 911 it would probably be more like 95% without information found on the internet.

My last article was inspired initially by feelings of anger and frustration at my intelligence undergoing repeated insults by things I'm expected to believe that are obviously not true but more so designed to hamper communication and sustain division throughout the country. I am not a Republican but I do respect Ron Paul for choosing to not play the game of fooling most of the people most of the time. I think honesty and integrity should be rewarded and fear mongers such as Guli should be exposed for what they truly are. My own outspoken views have led to suppressive action from the unknown but I will continue to express my 1st Amendment Right until it is taken away. The truth can only be silenced temporarily.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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