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It doesn't have to be that complicated.

Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and other Hispanics want to come to America and America should welcome hard working people who want to EARN a living in the US.

But we also want them to be here legally.

This plan is two prong effort. NO, there will not be any amnesty!

First of all, illegal aliens will be deported and sampled for fingerprints and DNA and never allowed in the US under any circumstances. Eighteen months will be provided as a grace period to exit the country.

Secondly, a monthly quota of 20,000 of legal immigrants will be permitted into the US across the Mexican border. Applicants will have to provide a birth certificate, a sponsor (a legal US citizen currently residing in the US), finger prints, and a DNA sample.

Immigrants will not be afforded full citizenship for ten years and will have access to minimal government services during this period. However, income earned in the US will be taxed and a tax return must be filed.

By collecting taxes on the new immigrants, the government can fund the positions required to complete the bureaucracy required to permit 20,000 legal immigrants in a month.

By increasing the number of aliens allowed, it dries up the human trafficking business. This way the border control can narrow down the illegal immigrants that are a larger threat by brining in drugs or terrorist weaponry.

It also makes the illegal immigration route, with the threat of permanent expulsion, less appetizing because it would be difficult without an entire industry supporting the illegal flow of immigrants.

By taking this course of action, the government also has a more accurate account of who is in the country.

In summary:

  • Illegal aliens must leave in 18 months or face permanent deportation
  • 20,000 legal aliens will be permitted per month
  • Human trafficking industry suffers or is eradicated
  • Legal aliens pay taxes to support government services
  • Border Patrol can focus efforts
  • Government has account of who is in the country

For more on this see Free Thinking Americans

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