by user DNL

Rudy Giuliani has done it, and I say thanks.

What has he done? He's told voters that it's time for the GOP to go back to its roots -- small government, getting government out of our lives, etc. -- and to not focus on the "a" word -- Abortion.

"Our party has to get beyond issues like that," said Giuliani in response to a questioner's fear that abortion is dividing the party. :"Our party is going to grow and we are going to win in 2008 if we are a party characterized by what we're for, not if we're a party that's known for what we're against," Giuliani said in reference to abortion. :"My view of it is I hate abortion. I think abortion is wrong," said Giuliani. "Yet ultimately I respect that that's somebody else's decision and that people of conscience can make that decision either way and you can't put them in jail for it."

At a time when Mitt Romney is speaking about how being against gay marriage and abortion rights are the "Republican Brand", it's good to hear a candidate remind us that the GOP is supposed to be the party that wants to get government out of our lives. Three cheers for Rudy.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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