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Florida Governments Squeal Like Pigs

[1] [2] The race to replace Jeb Bush as Governor of Florida had many issues, but one of the primary planks in the eventual winners campaign promises was tax relief

Governor Charles Crist won easily and has now fulfilled his promise.The SQUAWKS FROM LOCAL AND COUNTY GOVERNMENTS HAS BEEN AS COULD BE WHAT YOU WOULD EXPECT. The newspapers and local TV stations are filled with dire predictions of massive cuts in services. The usual response to any tax cuts is to gore the ox of the taxpayers who supported and voted for the tax relief.

AS expected unions representing the teachers, police and fire departments warned of reduced service and massive layoffs!

Instead of learning to live with the money they confiscate from the hard working taxpayer they resort to threats and dire predictions of doom.An example of this type veiled threat follows:

"West Miami, the home of House Speaker Marco Rubio -- the Legislature’s strongest proponent of tax cuts -- just happens to be one of those cities covered by Miami-Dade’s firefighting force.

“For the record, we hope Speaker Rubio never has to call 911. We all wish him good health,” said Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller of Cooper City."

The fact that too many governments at state and local levels become "make work" programs for political cronies and hiring is done based upon government quotas goes a long way to explaining why these governments are so opposed to any form of tax relief.

National statistics by the department of labor show that nationwide state and local taxes take 11% of the average wage earner personal income. This on top of a 33% federal income tax.

It is estimated that over the next five years Governor Crists' tax relief for home owners will save 15,6 billion dollars for the residents of Florida. The new law also requires counties and city governments to hold the tax millage rate at 2006 levels, and the cut up to 9% more depending on the rate they raised taxes over the last five years.

Maybe this will make elected government officials learn to live like the rest of us. We can't treaten to cut off service to our boss unless we get a raise. We would get fired!

And maybe we will see less and less of the outragous wage increases for service personnel as in the case of the Palm Beach County Sheriffs getting a 16% raise in salary and beneits this year. However, I won't hold my breath hoping they learn to operate with the funds they have as we poor slob voters have to do!


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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