by Journeyman

Expect change.

Expect that reforming and renovating forces will catch up with whatever is wearing out, unfit, no longer is relevant or no longer merits survival based on its objective performance.

Expect change to come and overturn everything made by vanity, dogmatism and separatism.

Truth in our ideas means their power to work. --William James

Expect everything you say and do to be put to the test, and the results displayed for all to see. Expect the same for your favorites, for the manmade institutions you rely on for power, meaning, identity.

Have another meaning, a better one, ready because the present sources of power, meaning and identity are always going to face challenge, and in their present condition, they probably cannot stand, and should not when something better is available.

Change should not be feared, but welcomed. Human beings have it in their power to guide and manage benefic change, toward a set of balanced aims. But if those aims get off-track, become skewed toward the benefit of some and not others, the "blessing" so to speak is lost... and our structures once again are exposed to the full force of change simply because of our own vanity. Lest we forget... keep in mind that the other is always you, and your future is bound up inextricably with his.

Change is a fact, continually advising us not to build an exclusively material existence. Conduct, the treatment of others, HOW we wield and utilize our power and our resources is as important as the shell of security we can build with money, or with ideology.

Indeed we can and should never feel safe, however thick and high we build those walls, without what might be called the "insurance" of the good will of those around us.

How do we acquire and pay for that "good will insurance"? That's something to think about, isn't it.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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