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Many people are saying misogynist things about Nancy Pelosi: for example, that she "wants to become a diva." Apparently, in the minds of small-minded anti-feminists, being House Speaker makes one an "egodriven wench." People in America are hard working and those that attain affluence of wealth have worked for it. Nothing is handed to any American but oh lets rethink that one now.

There's a campaign of lies right now: people are saying that Pelosi wants a jet plane. In reality, the non-partisan House Sergeant-at-Arms asked for it--as he is responsible for Pelosi's security, just as he was responsible for former Speaker, Republican Dennis Hastert's.

Indeed, this isn't a he-said-she-said. Even the White House has admitted that it thinks Pelosi is not doing anything wrong. Instead, many on the right are attempting to muddy the issue. Let's not. There's no opinion on this, just facts. People who disagree are delusional and lying.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the military passenger plane used by House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) can make a cross-country flight in any weather, but it requires refueling. The Sergeant-at-Arms deemed this unacceptable, and that is why he submitted a request to the Pentagon for a new jet.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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