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More Bad Legislation in the Works

[1] [2] Yesterday Senator Daniel Inouye (Dem. Hi.) introduced a Bill that would mandate the raising of fuel standards for passenger cars to 35 miles per gallon by 2020. Since 1975 the U.S. fuel standard has been 27.5 mpg and because cars have been getting smaller and lighter and trucks bigger and heavier we have lost the lives of 42,636 people on the highway last year alone. This is a figure you will never See in the newspapers or on television. They are too busy screaming about the number of soldiers killed in Iraq. To publicise this figure might not fit the outline for the leftist movement in this country. Now the worst thing to happen since Pearl Harbor, Senator Diane Fienstine, has introduced a bill with co-sponsor Sen. Dorgan that would mandate a 4% raise in fuel conservation for passenger cars by 4% a year for every year after 2020. This bill would cost the auto industry an estimated 114 billion dollars between 2010 and 2017 for design changes and retooling to make our cars lighter and the new engines to meet these requirements. Each year 6,000 children age 16 to 20 are killed when they are driving a car! The number killed in 2002 was 7386. The cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation of the other 300,000 teens injured in car wrecks is $42.3 billion! Many of these deaths are alcohol and or drug related, but not all. Many are caused by accidents in the small cars that parents buy to satisfy the mobility needs of the modern teenager, and to put less of a burden on the parents to take them where they need and want to go. Many accidents resulting in fatalities are the result of small cars being struck by large trucks or SUVs. We don't hear enough about these deaths. The Media is too busy screaming about the troops "KIA" in Iraq in the past four years. Instead of spending their time in Congress drawing up bills to "defund" and force withdrawal of Our troops in Iraq. These Hypocrites should be looking to legislate more safety on the highway for our children and ourselves.Not Bills that demand better mileage! Instead, the Congress continues to raise the mileage requirement for passenger cars and is "lockstep" with environmental activists to pressure the American public into buying lighter hybrid gas and battery powered cars, or taking corn out of the mouths of the Worlds poor to make ethanol. They have allowed double trailer trucks and hundreds of thousands of school buses without seat belts. All of this has made the highways not only more dangerous for all drivers, but most certainly contributed to the teen death rate. Each year the average car gets lighter and the trucks get bigger and pollute more. The loss of Our men and women, who have been killed in action in Iraq is tragic. But the inattention of the teen death rate on the highways by Congress is criminal and shows the preoccupation (and pandering) with the "fanatically" anti-industrial environmentalists by the Washington politicians and the Main Stream Media. By the way, these hybrid cars cost on average $3,000 dollars more than the same car powered by gasoline.This figure comes from the makers of the Honda cars. With gas at the present price of $2.50 per gallon. It will take ten years of average driving to make up the difference in cost, driving the hybrid that gets 46-50 miles per gallon. There has to be a better way. How about letting more foundries be built, and drilling for oil in ANWAR before only Russia and China have enough oil to sustain their quest for world power! If only Democrats would quit worshiping at the altar of Ecology and Global warming!

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