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On March 20, 2007. Sheik Omar Bakir (hereinafter ‘SOB”), a guest of Her Majesty for 20 years until his recent expulsion (still under appeal) and Egyptian Islamist Sheikh Gamal Al-Bana appeared with others on New TV – a station in the Middle East, to discuss “Jihad.” has posted a video clip and a transcript. It is revealing when deconstructed to see how Wahhabi jihadists twist history and alter religious terms, redefining them beyond any reasonable bounds to justify their actions.

Deconstructing SOB and friends short talk leads to several conclusions about the radical Wahhabi Islamist philosophy:

1. Under the concept of defensive jihad, every Muslim must take up the sword and seek to kill their enemies.

2. The Wahhabi Islamists define Europeans and Americans as their enemies in the context of defensive jihad on a theory of guilt for a long litany of sins, many of which will not disappear even if all Europeans and Americans withdrew from the Middle East tommorow. The radical Wahhabi Islamists will still argue that the imperative of defensive jihad justifies any act of violence against non-muslim taken anywhere in the world.

3. Wahhabi radical Islamists justify their actions by turning the ambiguity in their religious texts into black and white definitions far removed from any reasonable interpretation of the original words. By so doing, they change what on its face would appear to be clear moral limits, and alter them to the point where radical Islamists see no limit upon their savagery, no act too base, no target out of bounds.

4. The same ambiguity that Wahhabi radical Islamists twist to justify their ends is what will allow Islam to moderate and modernize if given an opportunity. See here. Unfortunately, the radical Wahhabists have a head start, the willingness to use force against all who disagree with them, and the backing of the billions of petrodollars that flow into Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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