After World War 2 soldiers came back and things had changed. Maybe they had changed due to some of the atrocities they had seen. Perhaps maybe when they got home a loved one had died, or a wife had moved on. For some the changes may have only given them nightmares from time to time, for others it would change the way they lived forever.

Fighter pilots came back from the war and realized they missed being in the cockpit, the speed, feeling the G-forces, the hunt. Some fighter pilots realized motorcycles gave a similar feeling, a fast high wire act with the wind in your hair. They also found the only people they really wanted to hang around with were other soldiers who experienced the same things both on the battlefield and coming home.

Another thing these guys wanted was their freedom, they had just gone from hell and back for their freedom and dammit they were going to enjoy it. Do whatever they wanted, go wherever they wanted whenever they wanted.

Thus the Motorcycle Club was born and when you have these many guys with these many problems with these kinds of experiences it wasn't long until you had Motorcycle Gangs. Organized crime, fearless and angry.

Fast forward to today, the Iraq war, things are a little different. The United States have sent over young men, most of whom don't have a lot of money, probably there to get some funds for college. Another difference is race, these aren't mostly white kids fighting like in World War 2, it's a complete mix of cultures, Black, White, Hispanics all fighting along side each other, watching each other's backs, forming brotherhoods.

These soldiers will also be sharing their cultures, listening to each other's music. It's funny I started writing this article and then found this on youtube: it's not an impossibility that at some point if it hasn't already happened a fusion of death metal and rap.

So imagine when these guys come back, they've seen some horrible things, their wife has left them, the government they were fighting for has completely let their family down during Katrina. They'll probably just want to enjoy their freedom but guess what? Sorry sir you can't bring water onto the plane.

How mad would you be if you were them? While they were out putting their asses on the line we were here drooling over what Paris Hilton was up to. While they were in the battlefield watching for snipers, we were home watching Britney's bald ass.

Just like soldiers from World War 2, these guys will band together, do what they want to do, go where they want to go.

How soft are we compared to how hardened they've become? They'll steamroll right over everyone when they come back all the while listening to hardcore death metal rap.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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