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I just love the Republicans. They scream and moan about family values, rail against homosexuals, get up in arms about prostitution, yet it seems that they are so lacking in moral fiber that you just have to laugh at it. The latest hypocrite is David Vitter, the neo-con from Louisana, who come to find out was playing nookie-nookie with someone other than his wife, and just got outed by Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine for his troubles.

Now, Vitter isn't the first Republican to get caught, and he certainly won't be the last, but when you rail against people like President Clinton for his indecencies, then turn around and do something just as bad, if not worse, then you're a candidate for the raging hypocrite award.

I wonder how many more Republicans are out there, just waiting to get snagged by Flynt?? I also love Fox news and their stupidity, blaming flynt for outing Vitter rather than placing the blame squarely where it ought to be. You can bet your bottom dollar if Vitter were a Democrat, Fox news would have aired 15 or so news alerts, John Gibson and Mr. Falafel man himself, Bill O'Reilly would have had a fiels day with this. But since Vitter is a Republican, I hear nothing but silence. Sort of like their position on covering the war, non-existent.

Now, I call on Mr. Vitter to step down from his seat. If Republicans wanted Bill Clinton to do the same for his immoral acts, then Republicans should immediately ask Vitter to resign. After all, the Republicans are imploding when it comes to the war, this is another headache the GOP certainly does not need at the moment. Oh by the way Mr. Vitter, I'm sure God may want to talk to you once again.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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