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Many political debates are presented as a clash between conservatives and liberals. Some say that this is the pivotal political division of our times. It implies that the truth is somewhere between these two options. If this perspective were correct, we would not have major problems, as the right solutions would be always on hand from one or another side of the political spectrum. And, if brought to light, in most instances they would prevail.

The division between conservatives and liberals is a rift in political circles that does not reflect the real political views of people of this nation. Liberals and conservatives are two sides of the same forged coin.

The real division within our nation is between those Americans that strive for freedom and those that would trade freedom for conveniences offered by the government.

Some Americans want to conduct their lives free from government interference. They want to put in their bodies whatever they believe is good for them. Likewise, they want to take out of their bodies whatever they decide to. They want freedom to conduct whatever business they see it fit. They want freedom to hire the best worker, regardless if he is a citizen or a foreigner. They are eager to benefits from fewer regulations, and are ready to bear consequences of risks involved.

Some Americans are ready to give up those freedoms in exchange for comforts, be it in the form of material benefits; or in the form of satisfaction coming from a sense of moral superiority. Both of these kinds of comforts secured by the powers of the government. Among those Americans that are ready to trade freedoms for conveniences, some are liberals and some are conservatives.

In the battles between liberals and conservatives, the freedom of an individual has been lost.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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