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18 children have died because of a car bomb at a soccer field outside of Ramadi. Ramadi is the capital of the al-Anbar province, one of the destinations of the troop increase President Bush had announced. This bombing follows a previous bombing that killed 8 people in Baghdad. Baghdad is the other location President Bush announced he was sending troops. With more troops in these two areas, I'm sure these bombs would not have killed as many people. If you put more people into a general vicinity of a bomb, it only makes sense less people will die. If you're buying into those last two statements, you better read up on physics because more people in a specific area cannot suppress the impact of bombs. In fact, the bombs will kill those people as well, resulting in more casualties. According to CNN, "Iraqi police say they believe new coalition security tactics are forcing insurgents to shift bombing attacks away from parked cars in the streets to alternative locations." They are correct. The insurgents are shifting their bombings away from parked cars. Bombs are now exploding at soccer fields and ice cream shops. Well done. With these security tactics and the current progression, I'm sure this war should be over in many millenia. Does anyone seriously think we're winning, or on our way to winning with the current strategy? There were four independent attacks today. "The new U.S.-Iraqi security crackdown forbids parking cars on Baghdad's main streets." So instead, they now park near soccer fields where children are playing. It is forbidden to park on the streets, so instead of car bombs, we have bombs hidden in ice cream shops, restaurants, and residential neighborhoods. I suppose it's time for the new U.S.-Iraqi security crackdown to forbid people from entering buildings, but I don't want to ask for too much.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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