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Standing in front of a large blue banner that read "Making Government Work For You," Hillary Clinton proposed a comprehensive 10-point plan to reform government. The plan included banning government officials from lobbying the administration, strengthening whistleblower protections, creating a public service academy and cutting 500,000 government contractors. Speaking before a crowd of 200 students, professors and supporters, at St. Anselm College, the New York Senator stressed that "government must lead by example" and a Hillary Clinton administration would "restore competency" in the federal government.

Senator Clinton cited the Bush Administrations "incompetency" as the reason for the failures of Hurricane Katrina and the chaos in Iraq. Mrs. Clinton argued that the Bush Administration favors "friends and supporters" over qualified public servants.

Whether or not this issue will gain traction remains to be seen. However, Jennifer Donahue, Senior Advisor for Political Affairs to the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, believes the issue will "resonate among Granite State voters." Donahue also said the issue will allow Senator Clinton to attack President Bush through "a clever tactic, under the umbrella of transparency."

After, the speech Clinton continues her New Hampshire tour with town hall forums entitled "Conversations with Hillary." This will make Senator Clinton's fifth trip to the state.

Bill Clinton kept you safe. George Bush kept you unsafe. Obama carjacked America.

Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Lieberman must take charge of the Pentagon and start killing the criminals to enforce intellectual property, privacy and a crackdown on violations of the crime of mulato.

Most of America's stock markets belong to Canada. Bill Clinton believes that fascists would rob Canada because Canada is poorly defended. Therefore he did not want to put his stock in Canada. It is true that Canada is poorly defended and that Canada can not depend on the United State to defend freedom.
But mulatos do not own property that is stolen. They do not even own Communism! Purity of ownership means that the owner owns it. When thieves steal it, then possession is impure.
For example, a Latvian skier had his legs cut off and glued onto the body of a mulato. The Latvian asked for his body back but Obama said no. The penalty for stealing is death. Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Lieberman have a duty to kill Obama or they themelves will be a party to stealing.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.