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It isn't surprising Taiwan is becoming vocal at this point in history. There are reasons why now might be the time for Taiwan find its voice.

Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian belted out a threat of independence from China on Sunday.

President Chen laid out four desires for Taiwan.

> Independence, a new constitution, further development and a change to the country's officially designated name.

It was almost like a gauntlet thrown at China.

China is in a huff of course along with Taiwanese opposition leaders, and surely the White House is cringing. The US believes in the one China policy enough to play both sides of the fence, but has committed to defend Taiwan if attacked by China.

China is in a bind though. China overstepped its 'peaceful rise' bounds by shooting down a satellite in January and is still on an unofficial probation from being antagonistic.

The other item that has China by the throat is the 2008 Olympics. The 2008 Olympics is the grandest debutante ball east of Atlanta, GA. It is China's coming out party onto the world stage. Already a regional power, the Olympics, China hopes, will solidify its position as the next superpower.

But with the 2008 Olympics coming up, a political-diplomatic-economic-and hopefully not military conflict with Taiwan would ruin all the good will China hopes to gain by hosting the 2008 Olympics.

Since China is handcuffed, Taiwan probably feels free to make statements of independence at this time.

Lets just hope these are only statements and nothing more. If Taiwan changes its name, constitution or declares independence, China won't hesitate to take back (with force if necessary) what it believes is its property.

If this happens, Iraq would be a distant memory and the smallest of concerns for the American people.

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