by user DNL has an important and telling story up on the website right now, talking about the family and friends of Virginia Tech victim Jeremy Herbstritt. In CNN's words, "Jeremy's loved ones are fighting to replace those images with thoughts of their son and other victims of the massacre, by publicly celebrating his legacy."

That's a truly great message. We really, honestly, should be focusing on the lives of the people who were taken from this world, and not on the psychotic rant of a madman killer. We should be talking about the good done by these everyday people who are no longer with us.

But CNN can't help themselves. Check out the highlighted passage in the screenshot, below, of the above-linked story:

It's truly repugnant. Herbstritt's family and friends want to replace the killer's video with positive images, that of Jeremy's life and the lives of other victims. Rightfully, Herbstritt's schoolmates are "disgusted by Cho's video" which, in CNN's words, has been "plastered across the news media".

So plastered, that it's right there in the next sentence.

Disgusting indeed.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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