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Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney faces an obstacle of winning over 30 percent of Republican voters who have said they would not support a Mormon candidate, according to the Washington Post's Chris Cilizza. Romney announced his candidacy yesterday at a Museum dedicated to famed inventor of the Model T, Henry Ford. From The Fix.

But Romney's challenge is to convince Republicans -- not the American public at-large -- that his Mormonism shouldn't be an issue. Among the GOP sub-sample, 66 percent told USA Today/Gallup that they would support a Mormon candidate, while 30 percent said they would not (77 percent of independents and 72 percent of Democrats said they could back a Mormon).

Even those who said they would vote for a Mormon candidate express some reservations.

Digging slight deeper into the Gallup numbers, more skepticism becomes apparent. Of those 66 percent of Republicans who said they would cast a vote for a qualified Mormon, 54 percent said they would be "completely comfortable" with that decision while 12 percent expressed "some reservations" with that choice.

Only 10 percent fewer Republicans say they would not vote for Romney because of his Religion than Democrats or Independents. It seems like he has some convincing to do in these constituencies as well.

While I will not be casting a vote for Mitt Romney, I am disappointed that there are those who would not support him simply because of his religious faith. Disappointed, but not surprised. There has only been one non-Protestant President in the history of the country: John Kennedy. In general, a lot of Americans of all political stripes would have a hard time pulling a lever for someone who doesn't share their underlying worldview.

Some extremely jaded and cynical individuals have tried to make an issue out of Romney choosing Ford's museum as the place to announce his candidacy by linking Ford's anti-Semitism to Romney's campaign. What rubbish.

The most telling thing is that despite being the most advanced country in the world, women have not to date been seen as being able to provide a worthwhile President, except a candidate who has had to rely on her husband's branding.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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