by user Jaxhawk

The Congressional Tax Hog

[1] [2] [3] The Democrats have been in a leadership position in Congress less than a year and the "tax hogs" are attacking us already. The tax cuts which President Bush introduced and the Congress controlled by Republicans passed in 2001 and 2004 will expire in 2008. They will expire because the Democrats want the $3.026.00 that the average taxpayer saved on his yearly tax bill. They want the money so the Socialists (aka Democrats) want the money to expand their Socialistic programs. They can't fund the grab for more control of our personal lives without the money! House Budget Resolution for 2008 passed March 29, 2007, and would increase taxes significantly over the next five years. According to published research by the Heritage Foundation this will result in an immediate decrease in job growth, except for federal government employment which always grows when Democrats take over. It will reduce personal income, and weaken Our economy. Since the Democrats have refused to take up the extension of President Bush's tax cuts. They will expire in 2008, and will cost the average American tax payer whose income stays static, 3,026 dollars! If this wasn't enough pain for the American taxpayer, there is a movement in Congress to repeal the 1998 Internet Tax Freedom Act. This law was introduced by Congressman Chris Cox and Senator Ron Wyden. Internet access is a modality that millions of Americans have taken for granted as a tax free source of learning, communication and enjoyment. Not if the Democrats have their way! The present law forbids taxation by federal state or local governments of internet access, "bit taxes", bandwidth tax, or email tax. The idea behind the original law, that was supported by both Republicans and Democrats, was to provide affordable Internet Access to all Americans. House Bill 743 and Senate Bill 156 address the extension of the Internet Tax Freedom Act, and all you people who use the internet should write, call or fax your Congressional representatives to support the law presently on the books. If the Tax Freedom Act is allowed to expire or is repealed you can expect all state, local and federal government bodies to begin taxing Our Internet. Politicians make many promises to get elected. The problem is they are always looking for new sources of revenue to pay for the promises. That is if they were not just lying in the first place while tring to get elected as so many do. Knowlege is power and to be forewarned is to be armed and ready to defend!


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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