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[1] [2] [3] While the country is bickering when we should withdraw our troops from Iraq, the Islamic Radicals are busy both here at home and in the Middle East planing different methods to destroy us. Pick up any newspaper today and you will see articles written by professors of Political science and foreign affairs making "alibis" for the 25% of Muslim youths who, when they were poled about suicide bombers answered, "they thought it was justified". Mugtedar Khan professor of political science at the University of Delaware called the answers a reaction to prejudice, and "youthful rebellion and telephone survey bravado that you can blame on the war in Iraq". Calls to engage the nations growing Muslim population to counter their sympathy for suicide bombers is a waste of our collective breath when you realize that these feelings are fomented in Muslim schools and the Mosques they attend. It is long past the time when we listen to the political correctness of the secular advocates who refuse to accept the fact that the religion of the Muslims must renounce violence or this problem will continue to grow. Religious fanaticism is the most difficult problem we face today. The Pew report showing that Muslims aged 18-24 had a 25% favorable opinion of suicide bombing. These are people who we continue to try to assimilate into our culture. It cannot be done! The threat from Islamists in foreign lands is not limited to only Iraq and Afghanistan. The news is filled with the fruitless attempts by the United Nations to stop the development of nuclear weapons in Iran, and in todays news on the Internet there is an article advancing the possibility of Syria having weapons grade anthrax and Vaccine Resistant Smallpox in weapons grade condition. Anthrax has already been used in the U.S. after 9/11, and there is treatment for it if caught soon enough. Smallpox is a different and more deadly problem. During the 20th century it killed 300 million people in third world countries and Europe. It was believed by 1997 that it had been eradicated here in America, but now it raises its deadly head in the hands of enemies of this country. One gram of the virus released into the air here in America could produce 100 cases within 17-21 days. The incubation period once the virus is breathed into the respiratory system. During the first 17 days that a person has contracted this deadly disease, from which there is no vaccine, he or she has no sympyoms and could reinfect anyone they sneezed or coughed on resulting in a possible global disease with tens of millions infected within 6-8 weeks due to the availability of fast air travel. Those who were vaccinated previously, most when they were children as I, will no longer be protected since the vaccine provides protection for only five years at most. As this virus is a new strain of smallpox. I have copied a piece from NIH describing it. STATUS OF SMALLPOX: ERADICATION & BIOTERROR: "Although smallpox was declared extinct in the wild in 1979 (last natural infection recorded in 1977) there is increasing concern about its potential use as a biological weapon. Although only two locations officially hold variola (one at the CDC in the USA and one in Russia) it is feared that secret stockpiles exist. Variola has been weaponised in Russia and there is currently concern about bioterrorism. A bioterrorist attack using smallpox (or some variant thereof) could be devastating and the UK and USA are buying vaccines against smallpox". Bloggers note: It doesn't take a scientist to deduce that Syria bought the Resistant Strain of Smallpox from Russia.

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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