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[1] [2] File:Hawk.bmp America has its share of traitors over the past 231 years. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg come to mind. They gave information to the Communist Russian KGB that helped them develop an A-Bomb. The first recorded man who held a position of authority ,however, was Benedict Arnold. A general in the Army of the Continental Congress fighting the war for Independence against the British. He betrayed America by plotting to give up his command of the fort at West Point to the British in 1780. He was discovered before he could carry out his betrayal when a British office was caught by the American forces revealed the plot. Gen. Arnold promptly went to New York and joined the British army as a Brigadier General. He briefly held this position until 1782 when he fled to London. England where he was warmly received by the King. Today we have our own betrayers of the American public. They are not in the military, but they like the men and women who wear Our uniform swear to defend and protect our Constitution! That oath has in this bloggers mind been betrayed by at least 51 United States Senators, and in particular by the framers of Senate Bill 1348. Senators Kennedy, Schumer and McCain. Yesterday the most heinous act was committed by these pompous millionaires who were sent to Washington to look out for our best interests. In a 51-46 vote the Senate voted to defeat an amendment to the "Amnesty " bill being considered by the Senate that would have excluded convicted criminals from being allowed to receive a "Z-Visa". This amendment was proposed by Republican Senator J. Cornyn of Texas. His amendment would keep criminals and terrorists from obtaining a "golden ticket" to citizenship. Senator Schumer had the audacity to call the amendment "a Trojan Horse to kill the bill"! It would appear no shame will stop these betrayers of over 69% percent of the American publics desires to see that Amnesty is not given. At least until our borders are secure when we are at war! America will not stand for this betrayal of trust for a power grab by the Liberals in Washington and the special interest crowd.


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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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