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===   [1] [2] [3] It was announced today on the Internet site: "Guardian Unlimited", that President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is traveling to Russia to purchase five Submarines from Putin's government. The Guardian report reads as follows: "According to Kommersant newspaper, Venezuela has agreed an initial contract to buy five Project 636 diesel submarines, and four Project 637 Amur submarines at a later date.The cost for these five subs is reported to be 500 million dollars". You can be certain that his plans for their use is not peaceful! At the same time the Venezuelan version of CNN, Telesur, announced that Chavez had agreed to give that great "patriot from Hollywood, Danny Glover, a total of 118 million dollars to make a picture in about Tousaint Loverture. Mr Loverture was a Haitian who lead a rebellion in Haiti by slaves of the British Colonialists. The article describes the man thus: "Toussaint Louverture is a towering figure in the region's history. A freed slave of African descent, he led thousands of slaves in successful campaigns against British, Spanish and French troops before being betrayed, captured and exiled. He died in 1803, just before his followers succeeded in establishing the island's independence:. Glover said he wanted to educate the US about the story. The actor is chairman of the TransAfrica Forum, an advocacy group for African Americans and other members of Africa's diaspora, and a vocal critic of the Bush administration. Along with the singer Harry Belafonte, Glover is the best known celebrity supporter of Mr Chávez, whom he considers "remarkable". He is a regular visitor to Venezuela,along with the other "copperhead", Harry Belafonte.

To build consciousness of what Mr Chávez calls "21st-century socialism", the government has funded nationwide screenings of Charlie Chaplin's classic film Modern Times, about the exploitation of US factory workers during the depression. He has also warned the Venezuelan Banks and Steel Cmpanies that he is about to take them over for not co-operating with his Socialstic programs.

First Congress Representatives from California: Waxman, Lantos and Speaker Nancy Pelosi now Glover choose to visit with people who have labeled us the "Great Satan". At least Congress woman Pelosi didn't get take money from the Syrians. At least we never heard she did.

When is the State Department going to put an embargo on visiting Countries who are avowed haters of the United States?

Posted by BILL at Saturday, June 16, 2007


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