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I had the chance to ask Chris Short, who recently re-upped, a few questions on how the lack of funding for the Air Force is impacting active duty personnel. In particular with active duty changing duty stations and relocating. As most people know military personnel aren't paid nearly what they are worth.

Digger: "So Chris, what is your take as active duty Air Force on this situation?"

Short: "I honestly think that Congress's timetable laden bills are forcing the Department of Defense as a whole to shift money around to help keep up the good fight.  The sad thing is, that the money being shifted right now is the same money that is going to pay me this summer and help me move in the early fall.  It's a sad situation, really, but I feel that the Commander-in-Chief is trying to do the right thing.  However, others are just trying to make the CINC look bad."

Digger: "Have you seen this impacting others in the Air Force yet? Are they concerned?"

Short: "I've seen a handful of people being extended in Iraq long past their selected tours because of the "surge" and lack of money...  They are gravely concerned by this because it means they will either A) stay out there longer or B) be stranded"

Digger: "Having been in the service myself and knowing how close knit the spouses are, do they know of this situation and if so how much has it concerned them?"

Short: "I have not heard from spouses about this yet... But, I can only imagine"

Digger: "I can only imagine that once spouses realize what could potentially happen it will spread like wildfire. Do you have anything in the works just in case funding doesn't come through?"

Short: "What can I really do at this point?"

You can tell that Chris is at a loss for what to do if the funding falls through as are thousands just like him.

Don't you love how those in powerful positions claim to really care about the military and then at the first chance will play political games with their finances, morale and general stress levels? I mean these people are already on the edge with potential deployment and friends and family in combat and then you've got our Congress sitting around adding to it unnecessarily all to prove a point.

Whenever I hear someone in power say they support the troops I always do a double-take, because it's usually the statement right before they say "but I'm gonna screw them".

Thanks to Chris for taking the time to answer the few questions above

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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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