by user Andy D

I was at my local bookseller this weekend.  While walking from one section to another I had to pass through the teenage books section.  One book in particular caught my eye as I walked pass:  Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Apparently the former Vice President has formatted his message into a children’s version.  We can debate the science behind Mr. Gore’s book, and it has been done many times over.  What really bothered my about the book was where it was located.  There were many copies of Mr. Gore’s book stocked in this section, so I knew it wasn’t a mistake.  The bookseller had stocked the book at the end of the “Teen Inspiration” section right before the “Teen Religion” section.

I have never complained to any bookseller before about where a particular book is located.  However, this is too much.  If you support Mr. Gore’s theories, then the book should be in a “Teen Science” or “Teen Nonfiction” section.  If you disagree with him, then it should be stored in the “Fiction” section.  Either way, it shouldn’t be listed as Inspirational or Religion.  I have attacked global warming on my own site, and have had many of its supporters tell me it isn’t a religion.  However, when a major national bookseller stocks it in such a location, what are we to think?

Talking to the store manager made more even more suspicious of the placement of the book.  The store manager told me it was placed there because their national buyer had decided this was the correct place for it.  If this is true, then every store in the nation owned by this particular chain has placed Mr. Gore’s book in the Inspiration or Religion section.  This gives me a strong indication of what Mr. Gore and his colleagues are after.  Wasn’t it a prominent  communist who said to conquer a nation, indoctrinate their youth.   '

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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