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Clinton Could Have Stopped The Jihad

[1] [2] [3] In a camp not far from Peshawar a meeting between President Clintons emissary Abu Umar Ameriki(means American) and the leader of the Egyptian Jihad and doctor to Bin Laden, Shaykh Aymam Al- Zawahiri was held.

The alleged purpose of the meeting was to let the Jihadist that President Clinton was not only willing to not interfere if the Islamists wished to depose the government of Mubarak in Egypt if the Islamists would reduce the terrorist threat to the United States. To sweeten the deal Clinton allegedly offered fifty million dollars in aid to the new government if they succeeded.

This meeting was held in 1997 after the two bombings of Embassies had taken place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi Kenya killing 80 people.

The man the Clinton emissary met with, Al-Zawahiri had alredy said in an interview with Yossef Bodansky during December 1997 "that a conflict between the Muslim nation (Ummah) and the United States is unavoidable.

He further stated that they knew the weakness of the U.S. and Israel was their vulnerability to receiving dead bodies of their sons, and therefore, we shall throw in their faces the flesh of their sons, minced and grilled. The United States must pay the price, it must pay it dearly."

It would appear that our government intelligence would have picked up on this statement and informed the decision makers in Clintons Cabinet that it was impossible to bargain with this kind of monster.

Apparently it was ignored for more important matters like Lewinski affairs!

Since the debacle that was the Dual headed Presidency of Bill and Hillary the world wide terrorist Jihad has grown exponentially. The following quote is from a lengthy interview recently with this "doctor of death" Al-Zawahiri in Egypt.

"The road to reform, and Allah knows best, requires, in the Arabian Peninsula and the other Islamic lands, work on two plans. The first is in the near term, and seeks to strike Crusader and Zionist interests so that the ground erupts in flames under the feet of the Zionists and Crusaders in our countries and theirs and everywhere we are able to strike their interests until they leave our countries and stop their continuous and increasing interference in our affairs.

And the second plan is for the longer term, and depends on two pillars: the first is preparation for the confrontation, by going forth to arenas of battle like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia, and the second pillar is diligent work to change the corrupt and corrupted regimes through invitation, incitement, mobilization and planning, and to persevere in that however much time it takes or sacrifice it requires. And every time we achieve victory in one arena, that will ease - with Allah's help - victory in the next one. And from this, the critical importance of the Jihad in Iraq and Afghanistan becomes clear, because the defeat of the Crusaders there - soon, Allah permitting, will lead to the setting up of two Mujahid Emirates which will be launch pads for the liberation of the Islamic lands and the establishment of the Caliphate, with Allah's permission."

At the conclusion of his interview he made a call for all Black soldiers wearing the uniform of the United States to throw off the uniforms of "their enslavers" and come over to the Islamist side!

If you don't believe the Democrat fight to get the troops out of Iraq won't cause a worst genocide since Hitler then you are brain dead or so hateful of the military that you want to see them lose again! May God not let that happen.

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