by Tlogmer

July 29th

Patriots Act! - A formal protest

Before the Iraq war, there were the largest protests in human history. Millions of people gathered together, chanted slogans, held irreverent signs, dressed in attention-grabbing clothes, and talked about thousands of different issues.

Those protests failed. In the years since, the Bush administration became more disastrous than anybody thought was possible, and congress did nothing in response. The gap between the will of the public and the actions of the government is wider than it has ever been. We need a new kind of protest.

We need a protest that is not about the protesters. We need a protest that the media cannot ignore because they would feel at home in the crowd. We need a protest that the government cannot ignore because they are afraid of what it means.

The Civil Rights protests of the 1960s were all of these things, and our protest will be as well.

We are not just students. We are doctors, programmers, business executives, teachers. We are the public, and we are angry. July 29th @ your capital building. Get the word out.

The Rules

  • Formal dress. Dress as you would at the most important job interview of your life. If you wouldn't wear it to your grandmother's funeral, don't wear it here. If you live in a hot climate, wear formal attire that the weather allows.
  • We will not be divided among a million small issues. Everyone already knows what all the issues are: that is the entire point of this protest.
  • Peaceful Protest. Bring cameras for protection.
  • Has there been a set of issues decided upon? It needs to be explicit. Each person who attends needs to be well acquainted with what we are trying to communicate. Everyone does not know what we think the issues are or what we are trying to change.

How to help now

Contribute your ideas to this wiki page and talk about it on the discussion page.

(If you haven't come here from reddit, you might want to take a look at the thread that started this idea. And here is the link to digg.)

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.