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Former New Mexico Governor, Bill Richardson, can be added to the growing list of those calling for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to step down. The Democratic presidential hopeful closely looked at the actions of Gonzales and has decided that there must be new leadership in place.

Richardson, a fellow Hispanic, feels the questions concerning the eight U.S. attorneys and the apparent role Gonzales had in the firings has cost Gonzales the ability to lead effectively.

Richardson wasn't quick to condemn Gonzales's actions, but Gonzales's testimony wasn't convincing for Richardson to continue to back him.

The real issue is the symbol of job security. A presidential administration would want to be connected to the notion of job security. Two of the key statistics used to determine a strong economy is the amount of jobs created and having a low unemployment rate. One of the key ways to keep your job is excelling in what you do. A few of these attorneys received excellent ratings, so what more could they have done to keep their jobs?

Yes, you can fire people if you are the boss, but typically you give a good reason. Do you get kicked out of school for getting straight A's? No, because that doesn't make sense. When you do your job well, you should be able keep it unless a company needs to downsize. The Justice Department didn't need to downsize. The Justice Department just replaced these fired attorneys with new ones.

Those who do get fired without a quality justification can sue their former employers, but can you sue the Justice Department? Can you sue the Justice Department and win?

Can Alberto Gonzales get an excellent rating on his job with his credibility flying out the window? Probably not, but excellent ratings cause attorneys to be fired. Gonzales's job seems to be secure with the current pattern.

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