by Jaxhawk

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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As I write this post the polls in Pennsylvania will have been open for at least two hours. The results could effectively push Senator Obama into the nomination as Democratic candidate for President. Baring some dirty tricks or a catastrophe , Obama will be the candidate. It is entirely possible that this good looking, tell the people what they want to hear, empty suit may be this Country's next President.

If this happens and Obama keeps one of his many promises for "Change", he will withdraw our troops from the middle east and try personal diplomacy to resolve our problems with Assad and the Mullahs of Iran.

During the campaign Obama has said not to worry! He will go talk to the Iranian Mullahs and get them to stop production of Nuclear weapons. No need for military action says He.

If he goes he better take the whole Marine corps and the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleet as protection. Reason bring, the Mullahs of Iran are about to include in Iranian criminal law code an item that has been part of their religious law for 14 centuries. Sharia law requires that apostasy be punished by death! Anyone who was a Muslim and goes over to another religion is considered an apostate! Obama was fathered by a Muslim, he has a middle name(Hussein) that is the name of a revered Muslim saint.

Obama went to a Muslim school, and attended Muslim services on "holy" days with his father from age 6 to 10. As far as Muslims are concerned he was one of theirs!

The following excerpt is from an article written in Amillimani. com by Iranian born American author Amil Imani, a frequent contributor to New Media Journal.

"Okay Obama, don’t claim that no one warned you. If you get elected President and you receive an invitation from your fellow Muslim brother Ahmadinejad to make good on your promise and visit him in Tehran for a tête-à-tête, don’t you do it. BBC’s recent report ought to be enough for you to recant your foolish and naïve promise: “The European Union has criticized the new penal code being drafted in Iran, particularly a section that imposes the death penalty for giving up Islam...Death for apostasy already exists in Iran under Sharia or “Islamic - law.”

But the changes would for the first time bring the punishment into the criminal code. An EU statement expressed deep concern about what it calls the ongoing deterioration in the human rights situation in Iran. It singled out Section Five of the draft penal code currently before the Iranian parliament, imposing the death penalty for apostasy. In the past, Iranian courts have handed down the death penalty in such cases, but have done so relying on Sharia law. If the draft is approved by parliament, the sentence will be formalized in the country's criminal code.

Who is an apostate according to the legislation? Anyone in the world, not just Iranians, born to a Muslim parent ; also, any convert to Islam who leaves it. Only one parent needs to be a Muslim at the time of conception for Islam to own that child for life. Islam is Ummehist. Islam doesn’t recognize nationalities and national boundaries. And these Islamist zealots are very serious and have no sense of humor. Some say they have no sense at all, and they may be right. What they certainly have is a thirst for blood, particularly for the blood of infidels and apostates".

My question to Obama and those that support him, is do you really think you can use diplomacy to quell the lust for "nukes" by the Mullahs? Or is this just one more false promise that is part of a litany of lies you so smoothly tell to your adoring supporters and people who don't recognize an Elmer Gantry when they see one?

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.