by user Spacscilib

Current politics is dominated in most Western Nations by the two-party system. As they compete for the same votes they necessarily appeal to a common subset of voters who make their choices so as to maximise their own outcomes. This can, long term, lead to the construction of highly-taxed welfare states on one hand or to a cruel capitalist consumerist society on the other.

None of the parties offer anything new - they simply offer a more-complex version of the current situation. In looking at Australian political parties one party, the Labor Party, endeavours to build a socialist democratic state, whilst the other major party, the Liberal Party, seems to put business and profits ahead of individuals.

My question is this: would there be voters who would support a party which offers long-term goals - even if it was at the cost of disrupting the current stable situation? Clearly  people have been supportive of green and religious political parties - would they be supportive of other issues? As an example, in the last Australia Census, 70,000 people answered 'Jedi' as their religion - perhaps an excellent name for such a party.

These other issues might be building a clean sustainable world economy or sending our children to the stars. However, there would be costs involved as implementing these policies may require a reduction in population or for consumerist spending to be diverted elsewhere.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.