by user Ben209

What this country needs is for all primaries, at least for the presidential office (but the others will follow to save money) to be on the same day. I think a year before the actual election should do. On ths day all political parties who run using a primary structure, will have their party faithful come out and vote.

This would solve the following issues:

1) It would eliminate the power of Iowa and New Hampshire in choosing our nominees. These are two states that are not representative of the American population at all.

2) It would eliminate the edge midwestern and new englander candidates would have because they come from states that border those two.

3) It would help candidates who might be popular but don't have as much money.

4) It would make conventions useful again because no one would probably have a clear majority and so deal making would have to ccur in order for consensus to be reached.

5) One could argue the states could do this themselves, but one state will then try to cheat and move itself in front of the others, having primaries on the same day would keep everything even and equal.

6) I think it would help deal with candidates who ride to the top of the polls based on hype. The primaries tend to skew the election the way they are structured.

7) It would increase voter participation in democracy, everyone will see that they have a chance of influence on the outcome of their party's nominee.

I would also suggest open primaries on top of this. But only one thin at a time. I know that open primaries have the downside of the opposing party trying to put a weaker candidate on the ballot.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.