by Jaxhawk goes to the gutter once again

[1] [2] Despite the fact that al Qaeda leadership has bragged about their successful destruction of New York's Twin Towers. Hateful, and vicious people bankrolling the Left continues to convince the American people that President Bush and the Republicans started the war in Iraq. I believe a new low in advocacy politics has been reached by the recently released add for television that attacks Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. In the add Move accuses the Republicans of starting the war, and then attacks the leadership for not allowing a bill to be passed that would demand that troops be given periodic "leave" from the war zone. This bag of vicious dogs must think that we are in a football game or soccer match where if the player gets tired he/she can take a "blow" to refresh and then go back to plating. Any lame brain who ever experienced combat knows that the soldier airman or marine that is best under fire is the battle tested man/ woman, not the rookie replacement. The death rate for rookie replacements was much higher than that of battle tested troops in every war we have been involved in. Especially Vietnam. Politics is dirty we all know that, and lying is the way of politicians and their campaign leadership. But calling a decorated hero, as is General Petraeus, "General Betrayal", and calling Senator McConnell and the Republicans "Betrayers of trust" is a new low for the sleaze that is Move and it's ilk! A famous war movie about the debacle that General Montgomery hatched ,called Market Garden, was "A Bridge To Far". In this movie there is a dramatic scene when the British stop their tank brigade to have tea, and are excoriated for it by one of the American paratroop leaders for stopping while men are dying up front. What the Democrats wanted to do is pass a Bill that would play well with the Soccer moms and peacenicks, but would be a new way to help the Islamic terrorists that are killing our brave men and women in Iraq. It wouldn't help the war effort. But then I believe that is not what they intended to do. The Demoncrats have tried to undermine the war effort for the last two years since they took power in the House and Senate. Geed for power has no boundaries!


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From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.