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A Lesson From Rostock, Germany

[1] [2] [3] A lesson could be learned from what happened in Rostock, Germany last night. The G8 summit is being held in a nearby seaside resort that is blocked off by fences and armed guards. This was done for good reason as you can see from the pictures above. These pictures may or may not appear on our television stations.

The lesson to be learned is that Marxist anarchist groups are alive and active world wide. They are dedicated to violence and destruction of the system of Capitalism that they believe is "criminal". In the street riots in Rostock, 1000 people were injured. Over 400 police officers trying to maintain order were injured; some of them seriously, the result of large pieces of concrete being thrown at them.

The primary agitators at this anti-G8 demonstration was the international group called the "Black Block Anarchists". They are not Black in color but dressed all in black and wearing black masks to hide their identity. In Germany many of these anarchists are called "Autonomen" a radical Marxist and Libertarian group which began on the Campus of German Universities in the 1960's. They are radicals who emulate the teachings of Marx and Bakunin.

Two men began the "Red Cross" organisation in Tsarist Russia before the 1917 revolution. They changed their name and symbol to The "Black Cross" after the Bolsheviks sized power and moved their operation to Berlin, Germany. Gradually they opened "cells" in Italy, Great Britain and in 1980 they began organizing in the United States.

These anarchists now have chapters in the U.S. cities of Jacksonville, Fl., Patterson, NJ, Philadelphia, Houston and Austin, Texas; Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, and Parnassus, NJ. They are anti- Israel and USA and pro-Palestinian. They advocate and do violence against such free enterprise locations as banks, institutional blgs., multi-national corp. headquarters, gas stations and video-surveillance systems.

They are known in the U.S. as "The Anarchist Black Cross Federation". Vandalism, rioting, and street fighting and property damage are their methods for their attempt to destabilize and bring down the Capitalistic system and replace it with a Communist way of life. They advocate abolishing the prison system and doing away with the money system of doing business.

The following is a quote from their web site here in the U.S.

"We see a real need for Anarchists to be militantly organized if we are to effectively meet the organized repression of the State and avoid defeat. What is also needed is commitment to revolutionary politics. We see the setting up of Anarchist defense organizations, such as the ABC, as a necessary part of the growth and development of an Anarchist resistance movement, not divorcing ourselves from the revolutionary struggle and then just fighting for prison reform.

"As Anarchists we believe in the promotion of direct action and collective organization in the workplace, the schools, the community and the streets, as a means of regaining power over our own lives and creating a society based on mutual aid and cooperation."

If you ever thought that all those people marching against the war in Iraq were just "peace loving citizens", you had better think again. Law and order is a dirty word to these people, and they may begin their violence in your city any time if we let our guard down!


From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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