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For a very long time I have pondered why the French, Russian and Chinese repeatedly vote against resolutions, proposed in he UN by the United States, to restrict the continued march for nuclear weapons in Iran and other Countries anything but friendly to the U.S. One would think that the French, Russians and Chinese would see the threat of nuclear proliferation, and vote with us. But the case can be made that by their veto power in the UN, they have aided and abetted the radical Islamists in their quest to gain enough power to destroy not only Israel but the United States as well. I have finally come to the conclusion that it is because of the inculcated hatred for Americans success in the world of economics, and military might that the "neo-communists have looked to the radical Muslims to do their dirty work for them. Since the days of Marx and Lenin and continuing in great force during the days of Stalin and Kruscheff. Communists have hated the freedom and success of the United States. When Joseph Stalin said: We don't have to defeat you by force . We will defeat you from within." He was already setting up his world wide spy network, including the Capitols of Europe and America. History shows all the major European countries and America have discovered spies in high places in government, and we will never know how many are still operating. These Communists have developed through propaganda, disinformation and lies a long list of followers all over the world. Their mission is to bring down our government what ever way they can, so they can replace it with Godless Communism. Communism that has a place for the neo-Communists in the upper eschelon of life, as we learned they had, even during the days of Stalin in the USSR. Unfortunately Our State Department, Academia and the Media, to name but a few of the spheres of influence here in the U.S, have neo-Communists within them. These are referred to as Left-Wingers, but the true neo-Communist is one who hates the Capitalist system, and desperately wants to change it to Marxist Socialism. A failed idea, but they fervently believe they can do it right this time! This is the reason the Russians under ex?-KGB officer, Putin and most of Europe's leadership has gone soft on the war against Islamic-fascism. They want the U.S. brought to its knees, and they are using the radical Muslim world in their fight against the U.S. Weapons from Russia and China. Technology from France and a pro-Communist press in Great Britain have been helping the Islamists since the "Food for OIL" scandal broke. The following is a quote from the "American Thinker" written by Jame Lewis: "The ideological goals of NeoCommunism have not changed one bit, which is why the term "communism" is so accurate. The sucker goal is to create Paradise on Earth by overthrowing democratic capitalism. The real goal is to enable the rise of a new ruling class with huge power over ordinary people. One reason that NeoCommunists have so much in common with Islamic Fascists is that both fantasize about the same millenarian end: Islamists also hate democratic capitalism, and they also want to take over the world for a purer, more idealistic tyranny. Check out Saudi Arabia and Iran for some good examples. After the fall of the Soviet Empire, the Left changed tactics but not goals. In Europe the result was called the "Third Way," and it is the controlling ideology of the European Union today. The "Third Way" claims to be a compromise between capitalism and Communism, but it comes down to sucking resources from relatively free markets for the sake of centralized State power and control. EU propaganda is just recycled socialist propaganda. You can easily see it on the web. It is no accident that the United Kingdom today is surrendering its national sovereignty to the European Union as fast as possible: The socialist ruling classes in the UK know they will merge seamlessly into the EU elites, at higher salaries, bigger perks, and much more power. The UK elites are simply planning to join the new ruling class of the emerging European Empire. It's a promotion they just can't turn down. Down the road it's quite possible that the EU will turn Hard Left, and junk soft socialism. And it's not impossible that it will turn Hard Right, like the Nazis. It all depends on circumstances. In France, Dominique de Villepin certainly celebrates a Napoleonic Empire for the future, as he makes clear in his writings. The most ambitious aim of the European Union, one that is not disguised, is to become part of a world government, a far more powerful United Nations perhaps, to unify control over the world. They are real enemies of Capitalism. America has real enemies today. They are totalitarians who shout to the world that they are bound and determined to bring us Paradise on Earth -- as long as it's under their collective thumb. It doesn't really matter whether they are Islamists or Stalinist. They are not hard to figure out, since they proclaim their message from the rooftops. It is an ancient disease flaring up again. Americans and other civilized countries have a record of winning out over tyrannical ideologies, at least over the longer term. But winning is by no means guaranteed. It's like a Twelve-Step Program -- first you have to recognize that the disease has gone too far. Then you can do something about it --- gently, factually, and in a persuasive way. Winning against Neo-Communism is a matter of reaching hearts and minds, as it always is. Yes, you can love the sinners, just don't fool yourself about the sin. It all starts with telling the truth that is right in front of our eyes". It says it all, and it is not as some critics will say, acute paranoia. It is the facts as seen today

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

From The Opinion Wiki, a Wikia wiki.

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